PT REI Now Your “One Stop Shop” for Mud Management

Posted on March 25, 2018 12:03 pm by admin
PT REI has recently been appointed Indonesia’s exclusive distributor for the long recognised global market leader in geosynthetic and technical textiles.


Huesker and PT REL see this as a great partnership as we both challenge conventional processes and continually seek unique, sustainable, efficient and effective product management solutions.
Huesker’s high efficiency “SoilTain” mud and sludge dewatering bags and tubes are well regarded as being market leaders and in using this rapidly growing technology, offers PT REI clients access to the extensive Huesker range of synthetic soil stabilisation products.  
As with everything we do, we also offer all our clients extensive engineering support, to assist with everything from as simple as product selection to ensure you get the right Enviro-Bag for your application. From an all-encompassing mud recovery and storage solution designed specifically for your site, services also offered include mud recovery pumps, boosters, breaktanks, pipelines, the laydown and return water management area, material stabilisation products or floculants required or alternately, we can remove all your risk and manage the entire project for you. The decision is entirely yours.
Our goal, as with everything we do for our clients and we believe the key to our success at PT REL, is to ensure that you get the most efficient and cost-effective system, combined with the right equipment, service and products to guarantee you get the best value for money and desired outcome for your next project.
The high efficiency Huesker Geotech bags offers the end user the following benefits:
  • Rapid product dewatering – faster drying than virtually any competitive bag.
  • Provides flexible capacity through an extensive range of tube sizes.
  • Reduces containment area footprint and construction time.  
  • Delivers a safe and permanent product containment solution.
  • Provides the opportunity to recover and retreat high value dry fines.
  • An almost inexhaustible range of product disposal area design and layout possibilities.
  • Flexible options from a single bag to a whole of mine waste/fines management system.  
  • No Dig, No Dams – reduces massively the likelihood of failure and downstream or site contamination.
  • Above ground storage provides an easy to see and easy to manage containment system – Huesker bags can be stacked up to seven units high.
  • Reinstatement and revegetation is a simple process on dry, stable above ground product.
  • In many applications, treated and dried material can be re-used in construction of dams and roads.
Would like to discuss or need help with any of the above? PT REL and Huesker are here to assist. 
If you require further information on Huesker’s massive range of geosynthetic ground stabilisation and product containment products or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our offices anytime.