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The Traditional Pump Rental and Sales Process

Purchased equipment often driven by internal budget considerations versus optimal design, construction or long operational life solutions

General equipment rental/hire companies have varying in-house water management expertise, will always try to supply what they have available off the shelf (ex the yard) and have little concern for operating efficiency or construction materials, with the knowledge that fuel and damage repair costs are the end users responsibility.

Often decisions are only address fixing the immediate issue, without consideration for future or potential issues

Consideration for water quality and solids management is often overlooked by suppliers or the supplier oversells their product with little concern for its longer term reliability, performance or efficiencies. Spare parts is a big game with OEM manufacturers, a direct and significant cost to the end user owner.

Mine/Contractor is generally responsible for installation and commissioning (where specific expertise may not exist within their personnel) and is a major cause of start up issues, early operational problems and associated failures.

Mine/Contractor is responsible for ongoing operation and maintenance (where specialist expertise may not exist) and where in many instances operational issues remain unidentified and generally result in premature equipment failure

Failure remains the responsibility or problem of the Mine/Contractor and generally results in unexpected costs, losses as a result of outages and general inconvenience.

Replacement equipment or repairs both time consuming and costly.

PT REI Water Management Process and Points of Difference