The PT REI Difference

At REI, our process is unlike anything else you will find in the market. Favouring an investigative, consultative approach we seek to design and engineer relevant and specialised resource equipment and system solutions, before we build, test, install and maintain, performing any necessary upgrades along the way in line with advancements in technology and resource equipment.

More than the supply of pumping equipment

With over 50 years of industry experience, our ability to fill your pumping equipment requirements effectively and efficiently is without question. But we’re always looking for ways to take our service to the next level, to offer another perspective when it’s required, or to find you the most cost effective solution appropriate to your unique needs.

We listen, engage, collaborate and innovate

At REI, we believe in partnering with our client and take great pride in the experience and credentials of our Indonesian team.

Our priority is to provide our clients with a premium service and the utmost confidence that we’ll deliver accurate, efficient and accountable equipment supply and advice. We strive to present consistent and comprehensive service and solutions based on fundamental client insights and objectives. Simply put, we do our utmost to understand how your business works, so we can go about ours.

As a part of our comprehensive service, we offer ongoing site reviews and system and efficiency audits to ensure the optimal performance of your systems and equipment.

Here’s a look at how we deliver our resource equipment solutions to mining companies all across Indonesia.




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