Vision & Values

Our Vision is to build a well-managed, profitable company recognised as Indonesia’s leading specialist pumping and water management company.

As the business endures as the premier global supplier of specialist pumps, pumping systems and ancillary services, we remain top of mind for clients requiring our services as we go above and beyond to provide best-practice, industry leading solutions, with a focus on the following values:

  • A dedication to the wellbeing and personal growth of all our employees;
  • An operational approach that prioritises safety and never compromises quality, the environment or the integrity of any of our personnel;
  • An unconditional commitment to the provision of service excellence to all our customers;
  • A resolute commitment to our clients in identifying and responding to their needs in a professional and transparent manner.
  • An unwavering commitment to continual improvement and innovation in all areas of our business.
  • A philosophical approach that shows we exceed the expectations of our clients as we aim to truly partner with them in providing holistic solutions.
  • To be a company that achieves it’s goals in terms of safety, professionalism, quality, continual growth and financial expectations.

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