Equipment Hire

•  High Head Pumping Systems – Single and Multi-stage
•  Positive Displacement High Pressure Pumps
•  High Flow Pump Systems
•  Mud and Gravel Pumps
•  Acid Resistant Pumps
•  Submersible Slurry Pumps
•  Submersible Clean Water Pumps
•  Submersible Hydraulic and Electric Pumps
•  Dredge and Cutter Pumps
•  Pontoons and Pontoon Systems
•  Pipelines – HDPE or Steel
•  Flowmeters, Valves, Hoses, Cable and all other Accessories

Equipment is provided on a rental (daily/monthly rates), long term (6 to12 month contract) rates, HOTP (Hire with The Opportunity to Purchase) or for sale.